RIOBA Coffee Ground 100% Mocha (Platinum) 4x250g _ Order by Pack

RIOBA Coffee Ground 100% Mocha  (Platinum) 4x250g

Rioba understands coffee and everything that comes with it. This way we make something special out of every cup of coffee. We select the very best ingredients. The result: indulgence with coffee, with 100% taste. Rioba is exclusively available at METRO.

RIOBA Coffee Ground 100% Mocha (Platinum) has gained wide popularity as an indispensable drink at the workplace. Rioba Platinum is also ideal for home use. Making a drink in a Rioba Platinum coffee machine will take a minimum of time, and the result will exceed all your expectations. Affordable price and high quality are the main reasons for the popularity of this product.

Storage : Avoid direct sunlight, prevent the high temperature and wet. Please consume as soon as possible after opening