Healthy Boy Seasoning Sauce (Green Cap) 600ml _ Order by Piece

Healthy Boy Seasoning Sauce (Green Cap) 600ml

An excellent seasoning sauce, this product is made of good quality soy sauce and packed using a modern technology which prevents air from coming into contact with the sauce.Can be used either as a dipping sauce or to season fried eggs, boiled eggs and porridge and  simply add a few drops to all dishes to instantly enhance the flavor of your food.Product of Thailand.

Ingredients: Soybean 62.0%, Wheat Flour 20.0%, Salt Water 13.9%, Sugar 2.0%, Monosodium Glutamate (INS621) 2.0%, Preservative: Sodium Benzoate (INS211)

Contains : Soybean, Wheat

Storage: Close the cap after opening and keep refrigerated. Avoid heat and sunlight. Protein sediments are natural and harmless.