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Healthy Boy Mushroom Vegetarian Sauce 350g

Made from selected mushroom extract and vegetarian ingredients. It can enhance the flavour of many recipes.It's also superb to cook for stir-fried dishes or can be used as a dipping sauce and other vegetarian food.Product of Thailand.

Ingredients: Water 44.9%, Soy Sauce 20.0%, Mushroom Extract 10.0%, Sugar 8.0%, Salt 5.0%, Glucose Syrup 4.0%, Modified Starch: 1442 4%, Monosodium Glutamate (INS621) 4.0%, Preservative (INS211) 0.1%

Contains : Soybean, Wheat

Storage : Close the cap after opening and keep refrigerated. Avoid heat and sunlight. Change in color or texture (separate layers) is natural and harmless.