Aust. Beef - Frozen - Tomahawk - Premium Wagyu Beef 4-5mb ( marble score ), 200g PORTIONS/STEAKS, kg price, Order by Kg

Premium Wagyu Beef is the most marbled, tender and flavorful beef in the world.It is healthier when compared to other known breeds and is absolutely suitable for a well-balanced, low-cholesterol diet.Tomahawk beef,a cut of beef ribeye that has five or more inches of extra rib bone for presentation purposes,is marbled, moist and has an intense flavor.

  • The quoted price is per 1 kg

  • The prices of all weighted items are subject to change at the time of weighting

Best way to cook

  • Roast  : Meat roasted in an oven preheated to recommended temperature and cooked to appropriate doneness.

  • Barbecue  : Steaks (min. 21 mm thick) cooked on a hot surface/grill to appropriate doneness.

NOTE: Product will be cut as per item description. For customized cuts please contact our customer care center. Meat is portioned, plastic wrapped and delivered frozen.