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  • METRO Wholesale Myanmar is providing grocery stores, restaurants and hotel businesses with clean, fresh and qualified meat, fishes, vegetables, food-stuffs and consumer goods in wholesale.
  • We will be selling our products online via our website. Customers can choose the products in website and easily place the order which will be delivered to your doorstep.
  • Yes, we deliver all the orders to the doorstep of your stores, restaurants and hotels. 
  • Normally, it depends on the township that we have to deliver. For those orders which exceed our favorable order amount, we will be delivering with free shipping cost.
  • Currently our service is reachable in Yangon. We are going to extend to other cities soon. 
  • As METRO Wholesale Myanmar is an E-commerce business, we will be selling our products online via our website. Customers can easily choose the products in website and place orders which will be delivered to your doorstep. 
  • Customers can do registration with no cost in "How to become METRO customer" section on METRO website by filling up the requested information. Getting back the acceptance e-mail as official METRO customer by METRO sales team, the access to see all the selling products in METRO with price and detailed information, and to place order is approved. 
  • View and book your delivery slot at any time, by clicking Choose a delivery slot'. You can also choose a slot after you've finished choosing your items, before you've clicked on 'checkout'. You'll be shown the available delivery slots. Select an available slot to book your delivery date and time. The delivery slot will be held for two hours, to give you time to complete your shop and confirm your order
  • When you've finished your shop, select the 'Check out' button in the basket area. Make sure your delivery address details are correct, and select the delivery time you prefer. At checkout you can review all the products you've bought by clicking 'View full basket' button. At this point, you can amend any of the details in your basket, such as quantities. Then, check through the rest of your delivery details, and select 'Process Checkout' button. Lastly, fill in your payment details, only Cash on Delivery as of now and select 'Confirm your order' button. Now it's time to put your feet up and relax. Remember, your first time will usually be the most complicated. Next time there will be fewer forms to fill in, and you'll be able to use 'Favorites' to create your shopping list more quickly.
  • Once you've checked out, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail, detailing all the products, quantities and guide prices in your order. Our customer service call center will give you a full delivery note with details of all the products you've bought, including substitutions and unavailable products. If you have any queries about substitutions or out of stock items, you can ask our customer care at  09 797 390001