Welcome Drink-Seasonal Take

There’s no better welcome than arriving at the check-in desk of a beautiful hotel and being greeted by a glass of cold, refreshing fruit juice. Try whipping up METRO’s take on the perfect Welcome Drink.

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1.1 carton or bottle orange Juice (59 oz.)
2.1 bottle white grape juice(64 oz.)
3.1 litre 7-Up/Sprite/Sierra Mist( You may use any flavored clear soda)
4.1 orange,sliced for garnish
5.1 bunch of white grapes,halved for garnish



1.        Combine the cartons of orange juice and white grape juice in a large beverage dispenser or punch bowl.
2.        Add in 1 litre of the clear flavored soda.Optional: Freeze in a freeze proof container to shave for shaved ice.
3.        Float the orange and grape slices in the mixture for decoration.
Notes:This recipe makes about 150 ounces of punch, creating 25 servings of 6 oz. per cup portions.

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Servings- 25, 6 oz. each

Time- 15 minutes + optional freezing time