Parsley Herbs Crusted Lamb Loin

Created by Chef Htun Htun

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Parsley herbs crusted lamb loin
1.Zealand Lamb Loin
2.Fresh Parsley & Fresh thyme
3.Parmesan cheese powder and Bread crumb
Gruyere cheese mashed potato
1.Potato & Gruyere
2. Cooking cream & full cream milk
3.Unsalted butter
1.Micro green & Eatable flower
2.Extra virgin olive oil,Onion & Garlic
3.Sea salt & crusted black pepper, Fresh thyme & rosemary



1.        Chopped all the herbs, mixed with bread crumb and parmesan powder, make them dry.
2.       Place on baking pepper and cover on lamb loin.
3.        Baked the potato with thymes, garlic and butter until soft, cut into half and scope inner parts, cooked with gruyere cheese, cream, milk and butter, season with salt & pepper.