Coconut Pudding


Any plan for your holidays? If you don’t have anything special, here is tasty dessert, Coconut Pudding, recipe for you. Impress your friends or customers by serving a spectacular dessert. It is easy to make and its taste is great.


·      1 1/2 cups METRO Chef Coconut Milk

·      2/3 cup sugar

·      1/3 cup cornstarch

·      1 teaspoon vanilla

·      Fresh mint leaves and sliced strawberries/raspberries for garnish (optional)

·      Grated cheese for garnish (optional)


·       Mix the coconut milk, sugar, cornstarch, and vanilla in a small saucepan and give it a heat with medium-high. Bring to a simmer, and then turn down the heat.

·      Stir the mixture consistently as it heats, dissolving all of the lumps and stir until it is smooth. 

·      Continue to cook on medium-low heat for approximately 10 minutes, until the coconut pudding starts to thicken.

·       When it reaches your desired consistency, pour the coconut pudding into small ramekins or cups.

·      Put the pudding cups in the refrigerator for at least one hours or more until it fully sets.

·      Garnish with fresh mints laves or strawberries or raspberries. Sparkle with grated cheese if you desire. 

Serve & Enjoy!

Serving- 4

Preparation & Cooking time- 10 mins+ 10 mins