Black Forest Cake


Chocolate Sponge 
Almond powder – 140g 
Icing sugar – 140g 
Sugar -90g 
Cake flour -110g 
Cocoa Powder-40g 
Butter – 50g 
Chantilly Cream
Whipping Cream – 1000g 
Sugar -100g 
Vanilla Stick -1pod 
Gelatin -10g 
Sour Cherry frozen – 500g 


1.        Whip egg and sugar to get sabayon and mix with sifted all powder and at last add melted butter. Bake at 180’C.
2.        Whip up cream + sugar + vanilla stick and at last pour gelatin melted in.
3.        Stuff sliced sour cherry in middle of Chantilly cream. 
4.        Garnish with cherry on top.